Q1: What made you decided to train at Bondi Boxing and Taipan Muay thai Bondi gym.
    A1: I wanted to get really fit off season or when I am not training with m team. I knew Boxing was a great way to do it.

    Q2: What you achieved at Bondi boxing gym?
    A2: Thanks to you Maydad I you got me really fit and this truly helped me with my football achievements. I gained a really great mentor in Maydad and he is like family. I know I can always ring him or go to him if I need to talk or get some advice.

    Q3: What did you like most about the gym.
    A3: I like it as it is a No fuss gym and every one working hard to achieve their fitness goals.

    Q4: What can you say to some one who wishes to join the gym.
    A4: I have trained at other boxing gyms in the area PCYC, other Boxing gyms. My friends and I used to go from gym to gym. What I found out about Bondi Boxing Gym is its great what maydad teaches. It is so much more then just skipping and hitting the heavy bag. He teaches balance, skills and he is so passionate about boxing. He is great mentor to me.

    – Jackson Francis, Rosters SG Ball Player and Bondi Boxing Gym member